The Bulgarian Presidency Highlights

On January 1st the Republic of Bulgaria took over the presidency of the EU Council. The country is a member since 2007 and it is the first time that it is in this position.

The country chose its own national motto “United we stand strong” to support the task.

The priorities are the following:

  • Future of Europe and young people – Economic growth and social cohesion
  • European perspective and connectivity of the Western Balkans
  • Security and stability in a strong and united Europe
  • Digital economy and skills needed for the future

The Bulgarian Presidency will support the work of the European Council in order to achieve the necessary balance and consensus on major topics for the European Union such as foreign policy, defence, development, trade, agriculture, fisheries etc.

Regarding topics which Business Platform Europe follows closely (extract from the official programme):

“In the area of direct taxation, the Bulgarian Presidency will strive to achieve a general approach on the proposal on the Administrative Cooperation Directive regarding automatic exchange of information linked with the reportable cross-border arrangements in the area of taxation, as well as to make progress on the draft Directive on a common corporate tax base (CCTB). Giving priority to the topic of taxation of the digital economy, the Bulgarian Presidency will focus its efforts on making significant progress at technical level on the upcoming EC’s proposal in this area, which is expected in early 2018, with a view to gathering political support.”

“As regards indirect taxation, the Bulgarian Presidency will make efforts to achieve significant progress on the first step of the introduction of the definitive Value Added Tax (VAT) system as well as on the proposal on enhancing administrative cooperation in order to fight VAT fraud. In support of the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), we will start work and aim for progress at technical level on the Commission proposal for small and medium-sized enterprises.”

“In the area of the Customs Union the Bulgarian Presidency will focus its efforts on the two main legislative dossiers related to the controls on cash entering or leaving the Union, and the dossier on the import of cultural goods. At the high-level meeting of the Directors-General of Customs Administrations in Bulgaria, we will organise a discussion on the exchange of customs information with third countries and mark the 50th Anniversary of the EU Customs Union.”

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